AUDIO: Eminem ft Rihanna - The Monster (Dino Roc & Gozzi Remix)

New Em and RiRi Monster remix from me and Gozzi... We gave it two diff drops and a trap break so you don't get bored listening :)

AUDIO: Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It (Gozzi Twerk Remix)

My Boy Gozzi up with this dope as f#ck twerk mix of everybodys favorite 90's party track...

AUDIO: Thriller (Dino Roc & DJ CJ TRAP Remix)

IT's Halloween week (fav time of year) and me and CJ decided to make a Thriller Trap remix...

AUDIO: Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Dino Roc & DJ CJ Remix)

Would have never considered remixing it if I wasn't dying to use my new Acoustic Guitar plug-in lol... FREE DOWNLOAD HERE

AUDIO: Flo Rida x Hardwell x Tommy Trash - Can't Believe It (914 Hit Squad's Cobra See Monkey Do Bootleg)

Somehow Flo Rida's "Can't Believe It" actually gets requested, so god forbid if that happens here's a mash I made that takes away the desire to chop my own ears off when played :)


AUDIO: Nirvana Vs Martin Garrix - Smells Like Teen Animals (Gozzi Bootleg)

914 fam, DJ Gozzi makes a perfect mash of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and one of my fav tracks out right now, Martin Garrix's "Animals"... GET IT

VIDEO: Michael Jackson's "Beat It" (without the music)

Shhh... They're here...

VIDEO: Beatbox Brilliance: Tom Thum at TEDxSydney

I know, I know, haven't posted in a while like forever... But anyway here's a dope beatboxing guy :)

AUDIO: Icona Pop vs John Dahlback - I Love Nuke (DJ Gozzi Bootleg)

Shout out to 914 fam, DJ Gozzi for making me actually like  Icona Pop's "I Like It" with this totally playable bootleg Vs. John Dahlback's Nuke"!!! Check It Out...

AUDIO: Afrojack x Larry Tee - Let's Make Bangduck Nasty (914 Hit Squad's Bangtrap Blend)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately... It's uh, kinda a long, weird, yet interesting story lol... I'll tell you someday, but until then here's "Let's Make Nasty (Bounce Little Kitty)" over Afrojack's new Bangtrap remix... KaPowSki ;)

VIDEO: Bill Burr Rips DJ's

Quick guys, someone's on to us ;)

AUDIO: Ultra Nate x Arno Cost x W&W - Free Head Up Lift Off (914 Hit Squad Bootleg)

Took classic Ultra Nate vocals put 'em over Arno Cost's new "Head Up" and then dropped it into W&W's "Lift Off"... Yea KaPowSki!!!

VIDEO: Harlem Shake On A Boat


AUDIO: Whitney Houston x Afrojack x RL Grime - I Wanna Dance With Somebody On Acid (914 Hit Squad TRAP Mash-Up)

Threw Whitney Houston over RL Grime's remix of "Pacha On Acid"... KaPowSki!!! DOWNLOAD

AUDIO: Trinidad James x Showtek & Justin Prime x Nicky Romero - All Gold Cannonball Everything (914 Hit Squad vs DJ Smerk TRAP Bootleg)

Teamed up with the hombre DJ Smerk, making a trap version of his "All Gold Everything" mash... Second part drops into "Toulouse"... Check it out...

914 Hit Squad - PoW!Cast Episode 1

Me and CJ put together a lil podcast "PowCast" of some of our recent remixes, mash-ups and just favorites... Check it out, might make it a regular monthly thing...


AUDIO: Gareth Emery x Dannic - Clobber The Concrete Angel (914 Hit Squad Bootleg)

I absolutely love "Concrete Angel", but it's kinda hard to fit into my sets... Well, insert Dannic's new smasher "Clobber" and problem solved...

AUDIO: Trinidad James x Showtek & Justin Prime - All Gold Everything (DJ Smerk Mash Up)

New mash from the homie, DJ Smerk... "All Gold Everything" over Showtek & Justin Prime's "Cannonball" and I think I hear a Goldmember movie sample in there too lol... Dope as F#*k!!! Check it out...

AUDIO: The Pixies - Where Is My Mind (ReedStreets Trap Remix)

Dope as F#*K trap remix of The Pixies "Where Is My Mind" by ReedStreets. Check it out...

AUDIO: Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven (Matt Chavez Bootleg)

New ish from my Chi-town homie, Matt Chavez... Check it out...

VIDEO: Bird singing dubstep!

Damnnn he's even got the snare hits down!!

AUDIO: Alicia Keys x Hardwell - Girl On Apollo Fire (914 Hit Squad Bootleg)

Kept getting requests for "Girl On Fire" so I figured I'd put it over one of my fav tracks at the moment, Hardwell's "Apollo"... Enjoy :)

Far Cry 3 Soundtrack

So my girlfriend bought me a large amount of video games this Christmas, one of them being "Far Cry 3" and I gotta say the original composed soundtrack of the game by Brain Tyler is nothing short of awesome, with the main theme being a chilled-out masterpiece and a different variation of the theme titled "Further" being a violin infused eargasm! Also Skrillex & Damien Marley's "Make It Bun Dem" is featured in one Mission in the game where you burn weed fields with a flame thrower, so yeah, fun game, great soundtrack... Check out the original composition by Brian Tyler below.

AUDIO: Bell Biv Devoe - Poison (DJ Smerk Okay Bootleg)

DJ Smerk up with a new Bell Biv Devoe "Poison" bootleg... This one's def being dragged in my crates for the weekend :)

AUDIO: Cannonball Madness (Greg Pic Bootleg)

New bootleg just sent over from the homie Greg Pic... Check it out...