Just hanging out on the bed with the bros, RAGING out to Levels... O_o

AUDIO: Cash Out x Alice Deejay - Better Off Cashin' Out Alone (914 Hit Squad Mash-Up)

This is my "get fired up and play roulette" anthem... Then 3 min and $500 later, I regret making this stupid mash-up lol... But anyway go ahead and Download it free...

AUDIO: Justice ft MGMT - We Are Your Kids Friends (Dino Roc's TRAP Remix)

Yup, I made a TRAP mix of me and DJ CJ's "We Are Your Kids Friends" remix... Seriously had alot of fun producing this, def a breathe of fresh air doing something different other than the usual 128bpm format... Anyway enjoy the free download... KaPowSki!!!

AUDIO: PSY x William Hung - She Bangs Gangnam Stlye (914 Hit Squad's Oh Yes We Did Mash-Up)

I was joking the other day on twitter about doing it and due to alot of you asking for it here it is... FML


Also 3LAU brings you their "Condom Star" PSY tribute mash... ROFL

AUDIO: Johnny Mac Bootleg Giga-Pack: Vol 1

Johnny Mac writes: "Unfortunately, Soundcloud decided to make an example out of my prior account and has permanently suspended it claiming copyright infringement. To kick off this new account, I've decided to release every bootleg/edit I've ever created and share it to the masses. Every bootleg that was previously posted on this page as well as numerous personal edits, unreleased bootlegs, and new releases are featured in this pack. The snippet above is just a sample of some of the tracks posted in this pack, overall it contains 225 tracks and over 2.7 GB of content."

(Hit "Buy" for free download)

AUDIO: Cassius x Sandro Silva & Quintino - Sound Of Epic Violence (Sonny Noto Bootleg)

Sonny Noto with some classic Cassius vocals over Epic!!! This is def going in my serato crates!!!

Nightcore - Heartbeat... Nightcore???

I always wondering when my remixes would reach that status of getting the "sped up trance youtube version with a pic of softcore hentai porn in the background"...

Now, I can finally say my life is complete!!! Actually doesn't sound that bad at 2852 bpm :)  

AUDIO: UGK - International Players Anthem (eSenTRIK Remix)

Boss trap mix of UGK from homie DJ Esentrik

AUDIO: Knife Party - Internet Friends (Revolvr Bootleg)

On Revolvr Soundcloud it's labeled under "At Least It's Not Avicii Levels" lmao

VIDEO: 10 signs of a WACK DJ

One of the comments said "Love it when they keep lickin their fingers but never throw down a single scratch... Priceless." lmao

AUDIO: Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen x Sander Van Doorn & Julian Jordan - Good Time Kangaroo (914 Hit Squad Bootleg)

Top 40 fuel... KaPowSki...

AUDIO: Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly (Protohype Remix)

I don't think "Stay Fly" could ever get old or played out...

VIDEO: Honey Boo Boo Style (Honey Boo Boo vs Gangnam Style)

webcam to gif