VIDEO: Paris Hilton DJ Fail

Afrojack hit that... luckily no talent was transmitted. #ThatWasACloseOne

AUDIO: Semisonic - Closing Time (Clinton Sparks Remix)

Loving all the 90's music remixes Clinton Sparks been doing lately. #ImA90sKid

VIDEO: You Know What's Bullshit!? - iTunes

Don't you love hitting the iTunes desktop icon by accident, then having to wait that extra 3 min. for it to finally open, just so you can then close it again.

AUDIO: D Webb x Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Real Juicy Trapped Out Remix)

Check out Real Juicy's new "Feel So Close" remix with D Webb. #WFGC

AUDIO: Fun/The Who/Hardwell/Tiesto/Showtek/Phil Collins - We Are A Teenage Wasteland (Johnny Mac & DiBella Bootleg)

DJ Johnny Mac as a mash-up artist has been clearly just untouchable as of late... And in his new collab with DJ DiBella, which features Tiesto, Hardwell, The Who, and even Phil Collins, gives a perfect example of what a mash up/bootleg should be in 2012!!! #914Fam #POW

VIDEO: Plogue Chipsounds - Retrogaming Nostalgia

Just found the dopest plug-in ever!!! Def gotta make 8-bit video game chip tune breakdowns in my tracks from now on. #PowerUp

VIDEO: How a Hard Drive works in Slow Motion

And to think, half of my hard drive space is Pitbull songs. #DjProblems

AUDIO: Linkin Park - In The End (DJs From Mars Remix)

DJs From Mars give the classic Linkin Park track a major electro update... Love that it breaks down and transitions from 110-128 bpm.

AUDIO: Third Eye Blind vs Carly Rae Jepsen - Semi-Charmed Call (Chambaland Mashup)

Sorry in advance for posting this... But the 90's kid in me had to share :)

AUDIO: Nelly Furtado - Big Hoops (Trentino Remix)

Never thought I'd actually be adding Nelly's new "Big Hoops" track to one of my crates... Until I just came across this ridic drumstep remix by Trentino. BOOM!!!

AUDIO: Dani Deahl - Pocket Porn (Darth & Vader Remix)

PornHub is down... But this will do.

VIDEO: Barack Obama Singing Call Me Maybe

I seriously want to know how long it actually takes to edit these videos?..
Got it from DJ CJ's twitter... Follow him maybe?..

AUDIO: Avicii x Rihanna - We Found Two Million (Johnny Mac Mash)

"Here's a new bootleg from DJ Johnny Mac"... Well it's been at least a few hours since the last time I've wrote that phrase... J-Mac's workflow = untouchable.

AUDIO: Journey - Don't Stop Believing (Pluto Remix)

Pluto gives the extremely familiar Journey classic a very Alesso-esque update... I like!!!

VIDEO: Miami Zombie Attack Prank!

The last part XD
BTW def check out this guys YouTube Channel

VIDEO: Tony Soul - DJ Technology Debate

This man... is right.

VIDEO: Martin Solveig - The Night Out (Live at Studio Ferber)

Wow!!! I have soo much respect for Martin Solveig for actually singing on this track!!!
Dj + producer + vocalist = future of electronic dance music.

AUDIO: Miami Zombie Nation (Johnny Mac & SheeN BooGiE Bootleg)

Hope you didn't blink, cause 914s own DJ Johnny Mac has got yet another bootleg for ya... This time he teams up with DJ Sheen Boogie to bring you this monster or should I say zombie of a bootleg featuring Kenkraft 400, LMFAO, Nicky Romero, Zedd, Knife Party and Avicii. As Johnny Mac says on his Soundcloud, "Zombie apocalypse or not, you need this in your life!!!"

AUDIO: Nicky Romero & ZROQ - WTF!?

Damnnn, what a SMASH!!!

AUDIO: Steve Aoki - Steve Jobs (South Central Remix)


AUDIO: Calvin Harris - Let's Go (Edward & Elliot Remix)

The Calvin Harris/NeYo beatport remix contest strikes again... The homie DJ Tom Jaggz (Sync Or Swim) sent over his entry, I must say i'm am very impressed with the quality!!! Check out the entire track HERE and see how it breaks down, builds and drops.