VIDEO: Happy Birthday DJ AM

I must have watched this vid like 5000 times in the last 2 years... It could be like 4 in the morning, I'd be dead tired and yet after watching some old AM routine it would always end up with me turning on the 1200s and trying to unsuccessfully imitate the infamous "Wonderwall" rouitne lol... DJ AM was a major inspiration to me and those just like me... Happy Birthday DJ AM... Your legacy lives on!!!

VIDEO: Barack Obama Singing LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It

All funniness aside, I really wonder how long it actually took to make this?..

VIDEO: Cinema - Benassi/Skrillex Remix (Piano Cover) WITH DROP

Damnnn!!! #DubstepDropsWithRealInstruments

AUDIO: Changed The Way You Kiss Me (Dino Roc Remix)

Gotta be the fastest remix I've done so far... I started it on friday and was gonna enter it in this Promo-Only remix contest but guess I missed the deadline last night by like an hour... #OhWell

VIDEO: Madonna vs Deadmau5 - Ultra Music Festival (2012)

Cringed so hard when she announced Avicii. Eugh.

AUDIO: FM - Live My Life (DJ Smerk Greyhound Bootleg)

New one from the homie DJ Smerk... Dope mash but still kinda makes me cringe knowing that it's Justin Bieber singing the hook...

AUDIO: Armand Van Helden - Witch Doktor (Zedd Remix)

Zedd's def an OG for doing this to the classic Armand Van Helden track.

AUDIO: Tiësto - Chasing Summers

Couldn't help humming this all day... One of the "dj's" I follow on twitter said "Tiesto's the new Avicii." #Interesting

AUDIO: Kick Out The Epic Drama (DJ Kontrol Mash)

As DJ Kontrol says, "Mash-Ups don't get any more gangsta than this!" #EpicMotherfucker

AUDIO: DJ Get Silly - Surfer Girl (Beach Boys Bass Mix)

DJ Get Silly uses a Beach Boys acapella... #FuckYeah

VIDEO: Dom Mazzetti vs. EDM

"John Lennon actually invented EDM, his son LMFAO carries on his legacy."  rotf lmao

AUDIO: J Cole ft Fedde Le Grand - Cant Get Enough Love To Give (914 Hit Squad & DJ A-Game Bootleg)

I remember making this with DJ A-Game a couple of months ago... Looking back think we may have gotten a lil crazy with the db Glitch lol... Anyway just heard it on the local radio here in NY and decided to post it now. #AtleastItsNotAnotherGotyeMashup #FML


AUDIO: Somebody That I Used To Know (Hyper Crush Remix)

"Yea let's fucking RAGE!!!" #GrandmasBoy


AUDIO: Mylo - Drop The Pressure (Dada Life Guerilla Fart #14)

One of my all time fav electronic tunes gets the Dada Life "Guerilla Fart" basssline treatment. #PerfectName #MotherFuckersGonnaDropThePressure


AUDIO: The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love (Vass Remix)

Damn used to love this song way back... Actually, not that long ago lol... Def going in my "personal" crate ;)

AUDIO: Childish Gambino - Heartbeat (Dino Roc & Chris Jones Remix)

Being sick this week gave me some time to work on some unfinished projects, kinda started this back in the fall lol... Anyway here's the "New" Childish Gambino remix from me and CJ (Chris Jones)... Apparently there are like 5,000 "Dj Cj's" in the world lol... #WhoWouldaThunk


Another killer mash from 914 Hit Squad's own DJ Johnny Mac. #ChainsawDope #914Fam
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