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Pretty much spot on lol

We Are Your Kids Friends (Dino Roc & DJ CJ Remix) [PIANO COVER]

Never thought I'd see the day when somebody would do a piano cover to one of my remixes... It's even got the dutch drop in there lol #TrulyHonored :)

DJ City Mobile App

New DJcity mobile app is chainsaw dope!!! Now available for the iPhone and Droid... And as you see below, I just couldn't resit the urge to search myself first ;)

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This is what i'm gonna think of every time I'm gonna go make a track lol #SexyDance

DJ Kool x Bingo Players - Let Me Clear My Throat (Dino Roc's Rattle Bootleg)

Lil' mash from myself no big deal... DJ Kool over Rattle... It works lol...

Jay-Z and Beyonce Are BETTER THAN YOU... [RANT VIDEO]

Damn, if the hospital thing is true... #ThatShitCray

Me and my grandma dancing to Rack City... [VIDEO]

5 million views in 5 days... DAMN!!! #RackCityBitch

Avicii Levels?.. Tongue dance?.. The F_ck?..

Ha now this is talent!!!
webcam to gif