Avicii - Levels (Skrillex Remix) [VIDEO]

Get the f#ck out!!!

Avicii - Levels (Cazzette's "NYC" Mode Bootleg)

Ahh another Levels remix blah blah blah... bootleg blah blah... oh wait... CAZZETTE!!! WHAT!!!
Avicii - Levels (Cazzette's "NYC" Mode Bootleg Mix Edit) [PREVIEW]

Sisqo - The Thong Song (No Body 2011 Remix)

No Body adding some electro beef to the classic Thong Song... #NoCottageCheeseHere
The Thong Song (2011 Remix) by No Body (Official)

Dino Roc & DJ CJ - Thanksgiving Weekend Mini Mixes on 92.3 NowFM

All Thanksgiving holiday weekend DJ CJ and myself will be dropping 9 minute 23 second Mini Mixes on New York's 92.3 Now FM... Along with other top talent of the tri-state area... 
Check it out HERE

Bounce (Scene Point of No Return 2080s edit)

New 80's vs 00's dopeness from the infamous DJ Scene... Also kinda weird how Scene has exactly 2080 followers now on his soundcloud #InterestingYetUselessFact
Bounce (Scene Point of No Return 2080s edit) by DJ Scene
No Beef (Scene 2080s bootleg) by DJ Scene

Bring The Noise (DJ Smerk Bootleg)

New banger from the homie DJ Smerk... Guetta's "Paris" vs Public Enemy #YeaaaBoyyyy
Bring The Noise (DJ Smerk Bootleg) by deejaysmerk

Logam - Your Mom Makes Dubstep

Logam Writes:
"Is it just me or is the standard for what is considered to be "Dubstep" today just getting lower and lower and lower and lower on a daily basis? I mean seriously, I just heard some of the worst "Dubstep" I've ever heard and this dude or dudes have over 2000 followers. For my next Dub release I'm just going to set off a car alarm, record it, and put a beat behind it...oh and sample someone talking about hoes or drugs or hoes with drugs and then pitch it down and insert it right before the drop. 10,000 followers in one day. Guaranteed."

Logam - Your Mom Makes Dubstep by Betamorph Recordings

Props to Logam for showing some balls and doing this lol...

Funny, kinda f_cked up and hateful, but pretty much spot on lol... Don't think it's a direct jab at Skrillex, more toward all the "producers" that try to imitate and recreate the style and sound. And what you end up with is this plethora of these tracks that sound almost or if not exactly the same. Which don't get me wrong, it's good business and it sells at the moment, but in the bigger picture if your the dj/producer trying to "make it", it really doesn't show your unique creativity and won't make it any easier to set you apart from the rest making the similar music. This is nothing new and we've seen it before in edm, i.e. the Klaas style electro, the Deadmau5 1/8 note chord progressions, the Chuckie dirty dutch squeaky lead and now in this case Skrillex "talking bass line". So guess the message is be original and remember if it has he "womp womp oya-ya-ya" talking vowel bass line doesn't make it dubstep :)

Chuckie - "Who Is Ready To Jump"

Chuckie totally looking Dre-ish in this album art lol... Anyway new track = #SuperDope
Chuckie “Who Is Ready To Jump” by DJCHUCKIE

Yolanda Be Cool ft. Crystal Waters - Le Bump

New one from Yolanda Be Cool, not as big as "We speak no americano" but still dope and it features Crystal Waters <3... Just seen her perform recently over the summer during the dj expo in Atlantic City... #BestPart
Le Bump (Original Mix) - Yolanda Be Cool ft. Crystal Waters by CamelbackMusic

Grand Theft Auto V (Trailer Video)

Looks good!!! Can't remember the last time i actually used my xbox? lol

LMFAO vs. Deniz Koyu - Sexy and I TUNG! It (Johnny Mac & Greg Pic Bootleg)

New mash from our own, 914 Hit Squad's, Dj Johnny Mac along with some other dude with the alias Greg Pic lol... Again another super useful edit that makes it possible to play a dope no-vocal track like "Tung" (Geht's Noch) for the more mainstream-ish (boring) floor. #HeyDjWheresTheWords #914Fam