DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2010 (Don't Stop the Pop)

DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2010 (Don't Stop the Pop)


AtTheEnd(HardwellMix) -NadiaAli

wit a trakk dis BIG we gotta make this edition of
"Winged Wednesday" the "Hooters Edition" lol...
yup D-CUP Sized sound all around!!!

All My Love (Soul Seekerz Remix) -Avalon Superstar

ok starting "Throwback Thursdays" from now on...
so prob lik 90% of u have never heard this track ever,
but it was pretty big to me when i first started out,
which actually isnt that long ago wow '06 lol...
anyway def one my favs ever... and "national lampoon's
christmas vaction" def one my fav movies ever lol ;)
All My Love (Soul Seekerz Remix) -Avalon Superstar

My Feeling (Deniz Koyu Remix)-Yenson

big male vox n avicii-esque chord stabs gonna have
you sayin "swirly twirly gum drops" in no time lol My Feeling (Deniz Koyu Remix)-Yenson

Animal Rights Booty Bounce (Dino Roc Mash-Up) -Deadmau5xHatiras&Malik

def one of my fav mashes ive done this year...

makes it alil easier to drop the mau5 trakk

Rapture 2011(Tristan GarnerRemix)-NadiaAli

yup 24 hrs of it!!! cant wait till fri... lol
n Tristan up wit a big, deep, punchy bassline
under those classic vox... Rapture2011(Tristan GarnerRemix)-NadiaAli

NewYork 1950 -YolandaBeCool &DCUP

pretty jazzy snazzy lil track from the same guys
that brought you "We Speak No Americano..."
reminds me of boardwalk empire, damn wat a great show lol

Got ThatFeeling(LaidbackLuke Remix)-BadBoyBill Ft.EricJag

my bad for the lack of posts lately, sorry ive been
busy christmas shopping and being the #1 artists
on Crack4Djs n stuff lol... anyway this LBL remix
should make up... drop on this gonna make ur
jaw drop lik faster the N64 kid on XMas morning! ho lol
(click Here to see the vid)


if u havent already noticed from radio burnin christmas music since the day right after halloween lol... reposted from the 914 HIT SQUAD BLOG SITE > make sure u peep n see wat the homie DJ CJ is postin

TheIsland(SteveAngello, AN21&MaxVangeli Remix)-Pendulum

bout time ive found a track that has that
"D-CUP sized sound", thought i would
never get to post this pic again lol... anyway it would be
a collab by the all-star team of Angello,AN21&Vangeli
to do it... i kno wat im playin this weekend ;) lol

Rock The Casbah (Funkagenda Remix)-TheClash

no lie i had the same idea on doin a mix on
the old Clash track, at time thought the loop would
be on that nu-disco-ish...anyway cant beat
a perfected funkagenda mix ;) Rock TheCasbah(FunkagendaRemix)-TheClash