Indestructible(LaidbackLuke Mix)-Robyn

LBL Big dutch sound wit a drop thats def
worthy of the title "D-CUP sized sound"
Indestructible(LaidbackLuke Mix)-Robyn

I Love Her (Allure Remix) -TheBeatles

oh yea beatles on some electro CRUNCH!!!
cant really play this anywhere but makes me feel
lik puttin out a mix jus so i can squeze this
in there kinda cleverly ;) lol I Love Her (Allure Remix) -TheBeatles

Don'tStop theParty-BlackEyedPeas

"Mainstream Monday"
wat can i say more upbeat pop-electro-ish
from BEP... i cant complain :p lol

Winged Wednesday: TURKEY EDITION

actually i really hate turkey, think ill be shootin
for the traditional pizza this thanksgiving lol...
anyway i do lik my house BIG n if this re-up of
"wasted" were turkey breasts, theyd be "D-CUPPED" lolWasted(2010BigRoomDub)-MyDigitalEnemy

2 Million Worlds -DavidGuettaVs.C-Mos

instead of the usual "mainsteam monday" track,
figured put up some classic ish n one of my
fav traxx lik ever... my cutdown edit btw...
n babe if ur seein this i want a turntable
watch for xmas... hook it up lol ;)
2 Million Worlds [short edit]


old i kno but jus realized again how dope the
trakk is from mr sleepy mau5head lol... sikk vox n
one grimey ass bassline mmm!!!

DJ Andrew Scott - Commercial Mix V

peep this mix set from the homie DJ Andrew Scott reppin the UK... got some 914 bangers in there... love it!!! ;)

Commercial Mix V by AndrewScott

2gether(SidneySamson Remix)-RogerSanchezFeat.FM

too tired for a full descrip... but all im gonna say is
FarEastMovement on a Sidney remix!!!BANGR nuff said

Malo(AlexGaudino&JasonRooney Remix)-Avicii

latin fueled big house BANGERRR!!!
didnt think avicii was into the latin stuff lol
reminds me of this seasons "east bound
& down" being in mexico below lol...
props mDynamite wit the find ;)

We R WhoWe R(Dino Roc Remix)

jus because i prob wont be able to take playin the
original much longer lol... much lik any of the other
burned out ke$sha tracks... "cmon dj, play tik tok!" lol

914 HIT SQUAD - 1 Year Anniversary - MIX SET

new mix cd/set is up from me (Dino Roc) & (DJ CJ),
aka the "914 HIT SQUAD" if u didnt already kno lol...
its been 1 YR already since us linking up, puttin
our remixes out on been a great
year of remixin, producin, djing, and jus about
everything else music lol... so we'd lik to
thank u guys for the support buyin our remixes,
playing our remixes and just plain makin us look
good on the charts lol ;) ENJOY!
914 HIT SQUAD - 1 Year Anniversary - MIX

Stewie Says Waho (Rolvario Edit) -Afrojack Ft. Family Guy

bahahaha!!! sikk lol
Stewie Says Waho (Rolvario Edit)
-Afrojack Ft. Family Guy


Make You Move track soo dope!!! hip-house style
with HUGE vox from MarthaWash, the orig singer of
Black Box (you kno "Everybody, EVERYBODY!!! lol)
actually theres an alt vers out too that
samples some old Led Zeppelin vocals!!!
anyway WEEKEND LETS GO!!! MakeYouMove-DrHollywoodFt.MarthaWash

914 Hit Squad > LIVE This Sat Nov 6th> Thirsty Turtle> White Plains, NY

if ur in the tri-state this weekend, catch me (dino roc) and dj cj (914 Hit Squad) LIVE on stage this Sat Nov 6th at The Thirsty Turtle in White Plains, NY

R.I.P. Technics 1200s :(

yup its official, Panasonic announced last week they will discontinue production on their Technics "1200" model turntable... the most popular TT over the past 3 decades... all i gotta say is 1, F#CK, and 2 thank god i got my current ones months ago... cant imagine wat the prices will look lik in the near future :(

Hello(AnggerDimas Remix) -ThePotbelleez

Angger defining "D-CUP sized" sound wit a peak
hour MONSTER dutch mix to Hello!!!
but way too heavy to be postin rite now on this
late mon/early tues 4am lol... lik jus now got
outta my sleep coma from this weekend lol
webcam to gif