lil late on the post but 1 yr gone already...
but still continues to inspire most of us...
R.I.P. A.M.
It Takes Rock (DJ A.M. Remix)

Mainstream Monday: Dutch Edition

mainstream monday goes dutch...
chuckie up wit a MONSTER mix of lil Jon's
new ish!!! and sid makin the guetta/Flo
trakk radio burn-proof... for now anyway lol
download: Zippyshare
download: Zippyshare

Antoine Dodson - BED INTRUDER SONG

just had to post this... lol

dont kno exactly why, but i just cant stop watchin this lol

Rockin'High(NickyRomero Remix)-FeddeLeGrand &MitchCrown

BOMB!!! mmm HEAVY, deep & dope beat...
Nicky destroyed the trakk!!! nuff said...Rockin'High(NickyRomeroRemix)-FeddeLeGrand&MitchCrown
download: Zippyshare

Traktor Kontrol S4

might interest all u digital djs out there...

im a serato man myself rockin the vinyl tt's but to each his own lol

Don'tGive ItUp(JollyRemix) -ChrisMontana &EtienneOzborne

"Winged Wednesday"
damn its been a while since a trip to fridays :(
anyway vocal BOMB rite here, big vocals, big sound,
"D-CUP Sized" u kno the formula by now lol
download: Zippyshare

Mainstream Monday

ahh only reason i love mondays is i get to sleep
from a long hard weekend of djing lol...
likin the Djs From Mars "Ride" remix quality
electro and tiesto puttin out more pop-like ish lol
download: Zippyshare
download: Zippyshare

ThrowYour HandsUp (AnggerDimas Remix)-Vandalism

"fresh paint friday"
dutch wit..."throw ya freakin hands up!!! vox
trakks a banger...weekends here... let freakin go!!!
download: zippyshare

PREVEIW: Irresistable (Chuckie & Gregori Klosman Remix)

damnnnn!!! literally cant wait for this one... chuckie killin it!!!

WhatA WonderfulWorld 2011(EddieThoneick Mix)-Axwell& BobSinclar

dats rite E.Thoneick... yup u already kno its gonna
be just redic!!! per re-up to the vocal classic
the trakk def need one... dR TOP10
download: Zippyshare

I'll BeThere -Afrojack&GregorSalto

love how i can pic a gorilla on the pitch-bendy
sample at 1:01 lol... anyway dutch BOMB!!!
...would u expect anything less of afro?!! lol
I'llBeThere(Original Mix)-Afrojack&GregorSalto
download: Zippyshare

DjGotUsFallin inLove (Dino Roc Remix)

yup, i give it just about another 2 weeks or so
before the original gets completely burned by the
radio play lol... anyway tWeekend LETS GOO!!!
download: Zippyshare

Ghost -SergeDevant

longgggg awaited... n worth it!!!
D-CUP Sized sound!!! that about sums it up lol
download: Zippyshare

RainbowOf Love -BobSinclar

Bobby on his "Love_Generation-like" feel good ish...
acoustic guitar, old strings, uplifting vocal...
yup just feels lik the middle of summer lol
download: Zippyshare

Don't HoldBack(Avicii& JohnDahlbackMix) -JoviciiFt.AndyP

Avicii + JohnDahlback = Jovicii lol
male vocal tune wit those always lovable big room
Avicii chords... shouts mDynamite for this 1...
download: Zippyshare
webcam to gif