A.T.C -Nari&Milani_Pres.Dek33

BOMB lik NUCLEAR!!! nuf said... lol
tweekend time lets gooo!!!


download: Zippyshare

RightHand Hi(KimFai Remix) -KidSister

waitin for a dope mix of RightHand... and u already
kno Fai delivers the dope n nutin but...
shouts to my boy Bosexi for this one
download: Zippyshare

MyPeople (WeekendHeroes Remix)

sikk Monster vox over one HEAVY ass beat...
"feel the drums... drop the bass...
...tear the roof right off this place"
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Avicii - Interveiw

sikk Avicii interveiw i came across,

he talks about blogs lol ;)

CaliforniaGurls(ArmandVanHelden Remix)-KatyPerryFt.SnoopDogg

gotta luv Armand n that dope nu-disco sound...
radio burned this song beyond belief by now but again
goes to show how just 1 remix could keep a trakk alive...
download: Zippyshare

TakeOver Control -AfrojackFt.EvaSimons

new Afro banger feat BIG vocals, sikk key chords,
and oh yes the famous dirty dutch lead... lol
download: Zippyshare

Tomorrow-DimitriVegas, LikeMike, DadaLife Ft.TaraMcDonald

BIG vocals + BIG house = 1 D-CUP SIZED BANGER!!!
man i luv sayin that lol... :) dR TOP10
Download: Zippyshare

Otherside Of Satisfaction (Dino Roc Mash-Up)

welcome to weekend givin one of my fav mashes
i did for crack4djs.net and dont forget to support
me and the 914 Hit Squad lol jk... enjoy guys :)
Otherside Of Satisfaction (Dino Roc Mash-Up)
- RHCPvsAfrojack,BennyBenassi
download: Zippyshare

Dynasty(DadaLife Remix) -KaskadeFt.Haley

"Winged Wednesday"
mmm cravin those fridays wings mid-week...
guess some cruchy Dada electro could hold me lol
dont u luv when just one remix could make a commercial
trakk actually bearable again :)
download: Zippyshare

Sky(Nari&Milani Remix) -ThomasGold vsMatthiasMenck

amazin vox over that D-CUP Sized epic house!!!
very Avicii-stab-sounding in the break n build lol...
no lie trakk is a MONSTER!!! dR TOP10!!!
download: Zippyshare

OhBaby (NicolaFasano Mix) -DjDero &RobbieRivera

"The Monday Tan"
acoustic guitar, dutch lead, tribal toms, dope vox...
yup, you can just smell the summer on this trakk...
download: Zippyshare

the weekend rewind...

...now thats stage presence lol

...sorry for the lack of posts last week guys... vacation week lol

LiveYour Life(EddieThoneick Dub) -ErickMorillo &EddieThoneick

doing a lil vacation this week tryin not to do
anything to do with music... not gonna happen lol
anyway luvin the dub mix to this monster trakk...
really dope heavy beat with a big breakdown
featuring those HUGE piano chords & vox!!!
download: Zippyshare

Kids AreTrue inTechnicolor (CL & MD Bootleg)

soo beautiful... some heavy hitters def comin together
in this bootie... D-CUPPED sound lik u kno it!!!
download: Zippyshare

Super HeyHey_One (TristanGarner Mix) -DennisFerrer &LaidbackLuke

have fun this weekend guys, dont blow ya hands off
then how ya gonna spin? huh? lol gotta a dope mix
of "HeyHey" start ur weekend off rite...
4th july... weekend... 2010... lets gooo!!!
download: Zippyshare

RockThe_Disco -RobbieRivera

was starting to miss that double R "JUICY" sound... lol
lovin the repetitive vocal loop... so much to do wit it,
ideas flowing bout to start something rite now 5am lol
(shouts to my boy Bosexi for the trakk)
download: Zippyshare
download: Zippyshare
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