Deep_In Love(Hy2rogen&Fr3ckyRemix) -Alina

BIG house "D-CUP Sized" all around!!!
huge fem vocals + one dope heavy ass beat!!!dR TOP10
been starvin for a new trak lik this lol
download: Zippyshare / 4Shared

I Like It(ChuckieRemix) -EnriqueIglesiasFt.Pitbull

"mainstream monday"
yup, Enrique_Iglesias goes dirty dutch lol...
but u already kno my man Chuckie KILLED IT!!!
download: Zippyshare

Wolfpack Party (Dino Roc ReRoc)

likin the "ReRoc" huh? lol... workin on this for
a while now... got that hip-house / electro ish
going on i guess... idk i cant reveiw my own trakk
so i put it up for DL only on Soundcloud so feel
free to leave ur feedback ;)
(pLus, BIG shout out to "The Pack" outta Cali)
Wolfpack Party (Dino Roc ReRoc) -The Pack
download: Zippyshare (RE-UPLOADED 6/30)

WeDon't WantNo Goblins

mutha f*kin A-TRAK!!! stay killin it...
gotta luv hip-house!!! dR TOP10
[btw per set up below: 1200s, TTM 57, macbook pro]
-A-Trak x LilWayne x GucciMane
download: Zippyshare

Deepher_Insideher -PeaceTreaty &DiskJoSlim

ya kno, i was gonna just put a pic of a girl deep
throatin a banana, using whole word play thing
wit the "Deep Inside Her" title (in typical dR Blog
fashion lol) but saw this and damnn that is deep inside
ur fukin eye...WATTTT!!! although i will say this about
the mix: dirty dutch gets balls deep... lol NICE
download: Zippyshare / 4Shared

When I Dip-BingoPlayers

"Double Dip Tuesday"
it's 4am as im posting this and i can really go for
some nachos n chesse rite about now!!! lol
download: Zippyshare / 4Shared

Mainstream Monday

just when u thought Guetta's worked wit every
A-listed American artist, here comes out this monster
wit Flo-Rida lol... anyway not a bad tune as i kno alot
of u guys just hatin hard on DG's mainstream
download: Zippyshare
download: Zippyshare


KOBE! repeat... shame AM's not here to see it :(
anyway givin out my Sweet Disp personal mash edit n
the sikk new HyperCrush dutch banger... WEEKEND!!!
download: Zippyshare / 4Shared
download: Zippyshare


Yessss... finally sikk vox over the D-CUP sized
Avicii madness!!! love those woodblock-like stabs...
AX-Avicii> sweds jus ownin the house scene rite now!!!
[and yea the pics from "I love you Man" btw lol]
download: Zippyshare / 4Shared

Rocketship2010 (StarkillersMix) -ShinyToyGuns

Starkillers KILLED IT!!! nutin new...
download: Zippyshare

TeenageCrime(AxwellRemix) -AdrianLux

dont kno about u but im lovin mondays, gettin to
sleep till 2pm after a long weekend of spinnin... lol
axwell bak on it wit a chilled out pad loving sound
jus laying under some sikk solid soft vocals...
download: Zippyshare / 4Shared


yup me n the 914 r bak this week wit 4, count em,
4 NEW remixes on Crooklyn Clan's
This Weeks' Releases:
_Alone 2010 (Big Beat ReDrum) -Kim Sozzi
_Conga Ocho -Pitbull vs John Revox(Gloria Estefan)
_Just Dance im Funky Town -Lady Gaga vs Lipps inc.
_Lady Watagatapitusberry - Sensato Del Patio vs Modjo
[scroll down n check out more of the squads' remixes]


enjoy ya slice... "work this pussy" is f*kin
NUCLEAR!!! n rite im luvin just about everything
"The Girls Cant Hear Us" puts out... weekend lets go!!!
Work This Pussy -Dani L. Mebius & Billy The Klit
download: Zippyshare
Slave (The Girls Can Hear Us Remix) -Silver Medallion
download: Zippyshare

PumpUp TheJam (DimitriVegas&LikeMike Remix) -Technotronic

"pump em up"
Dimitri & Mike absolutely killed the classic!!!
jus continued BOMBS n nothin but from the two!!!
PumpUpTheJam(DimitriVegas&LikeMike Remix)-Technotronic
download: Zippyshare / 4Shared

It’ll BeAlright (DBN Remix) -GregCerrone,ShawneeTaylor

"The Wednesday Work-Out"
BIG house tune wit HUGE soul-ful vocals!!!
DBN must mean Damn, Big, N... nevermind... lol
download: Zippyshare / 4Shared

featured on beezo

so i joined beezo last night, def a sikk site u can dl
mine or any other djs mix sets on there for free and
even upload ur own... I just up'd my latest mix set
for summer so check it out and download, ill be adding
others to come, maybe next one 914 mash-up style lol
Check me out on

HideAndSeek (OttoKnows Remix) -ImogenHeap

speechless rite now with this mix...
sound soo big it goes beyond D-CUP!!!
makes ya think how Avicii could not be
involved in this... guess Otto only Knows lol
download: Zippyshare / 4Shared

LiveYourLife (OriginalMix) -ErickMorillo&EddieThoneick

how bout "Morillo monday?" no?... ite
well wat we got rite here is some big, piano riffed and
vocally uplifting house!!! then drops into a NASTY
punchy bassline, def a Thoneick influence rite there!!!
"Live ur life, be free, u kno u can hav it all"
download: Zippyshare / 4Shared

Around the World is Over [Dino Roc Mash-Up] -DaftPunkVsDrake

no joke i had a lunchable pizza recently lol...
anyway, Drake-Daft-dR-914-weekend-lets goo!!!
support me n the 914 Hit Squad at Crack4Djs.Net/914HitSquad
Around the World is Over [Dino Roc Mash-Up]
-DaftPunkVsDrake (914 Hit Squad)
download: Zippyshare / 4Shared

Memories(LeoLotsalessRemix BigRoomBuild) -DavidGuettaFt.KidCudi

got this in the mail n just DAMNNNN!!! lol
Guetta/Cudi Memoriesss over the FatboySlim
"Right Here,Right Now" strings jus go per 2gether!!!
title says it all "Big Room Build" so u kno
its D-CUPPED!!! lol
def gotta start payin more attn to the emails lol
download: Zippyshare / 4Shared

NothingBut Love4You(OriginalMix)-Axwell

BIG housed, D-CUP sized, piano/chord driven,
anthem fueled vocal BOMB!!! n im talkin NUCLEAR!!!
jus about everything u'd come to expect outta
of an Axwelll orig lol... dR TOP10
download: Zippyshare / 4Shared
webcam to gif