I GotMy EyeOnYou

memorial monday... lil quick post rite here but
make no mistake, the trakk's a BOMB!!! both mixes!!!
download: Zippyshare
download: Zippyshare

MDW 2010!!!

MDW 2010!!! enjoy and have fun guys...
[Duck Sauce mash below is soo dope def check it out]
download: Zippyshare
download: Zippyshare

Cookies WithASmile (FrancescoDiaz &YoungRebelsMix) -DadaLife

"we want to put it in ur mouth"...
sticky chocolate vocals over some hard, heavy house...
mmm yup, we got a tasty BANGA rite here!!! D-CUP!!! lol
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Dino Roc's Summer 2010 Mix - "D-CUP Sized Sound"

get ur MDW 2010 started off rite...
not the crazy mash style i like to do but i been
just dying to put out a straight up BOMB only set...
put away the serato, closed the 1200s, burned some
cds and dusted off the cdjs for this one lol... enjoy :)
ohh yea, did i mention... D-CUP SIZED!!! lol lets gooo!!!
Dino Roc's Summer 2010 Mix - "D-CUP Sized Sound"
Dino☠Roc's Summer Mix 2010 - TRACKLIST:
1_Your Name/One - Swedish House Mafia ft. Pharrell
2_I Just Wanna Live (Deniz Koyo Remix) - Dave Darell
3_My Feeling For You (Original Mix) - Avicii & Sebastian Drums
4_Remady (Avicii Mix) -Little Boots
5_Sweet Dispostion [Dino Roc Bootleg] -Temper Trap, Axwell, Dirty South
6_Shine A Light (Eddie Thoneick Mix) -Kurd Maverick
7_Otherside of Satisfaction (Dino Roc Mash-Up) -Benassi, Afrojack, RHCP
8_Watcha Say (Afrojack Mix) -Imogen Heap
9_Memories (F*ck Me I'm Famous Mix) -David Guetta ft. Kid Cudi
10_Sip My Fukin ALCOHOLIC Drink (Dino Roc Mash-Up) -914 Hit Squad
11_The Rain (Original Mix) -Peter Luts
12_Stereo Love (Original/Molella Mix) -Edward maya

DigitalLove(BartBMore & ChristianLuke Bootleg) -DaftPunk

sikk bootie from Bart & Christian rite here giving
the Daft classic a dope dutch-like rework...
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Your Name -SwedishHouseMafia Ft.PharrellWilliams

the Pharell vox def doin it for me on SHM's "One"...
D-CUP SIZED sound all around rite here!!! dR TOP10
YourName[full]-SwedishHouseMafia Ft.PharrellWilliams
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"excuse me pimp, let me sip my drink"...
AddSUV AVH MIX = BANGAAA!!! disco is bakk kidd!!!
beautiful WEEKenD in NY LETS GOO!!!
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download: Zippyshare / 4Shared

Sip My Fukin ALCOHOLIC Drink [Dino Roc Mash-Up]

prob one of my fav traxx ive put out on
Crack4Djs.Net [914 Hit Squad]... u prob seen it on
my TOP 10 for some while now and yup no post rite? lol
anyway bang it out and enjoy!!! :)
Sip My Fukin ALCOHOLIC Drink [Dino Roc Mash-Up]
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LouderThanWords -Afrojack&DavidGuetta

"lazy Wednesday"
sorry for the lack of posts lately guys just been
a lil bit uhh... lazy lol... anyway i think this banger
will more than make up for it rite? lol... HUGE vocal
bomb trakk from the Guetta-Afrojack super-team!!!
waited soo long to my hands on it after Afro
dropped it at WMC... weird seeing the AJ name wit
no dirty dutch to found lol... dR TOP10
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NothingBetter (EranHersh&Darmon Re-Edit) -EddieThoneick&ErickMorillo

Friday so enjoy ya slice!!!
dont hav 2 say anything u already kno by now...lol
BIG sound, BIG vocal, BIG house... D-CUP!!!
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ShineA Light(EddieThoneickMix) -KurdMaverick

ur summer 2010 ANTHEM!!! D-CUP sized sound
defined here here wit delicious chord stabs,
a sikk piano riff and seroius deep basslines!!!
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You& I NeedToFeel(PaulGeorgeMash) -ReflektVs.Medina

"The Sunday Scoop" [on monday lol]
perr mash rite here sikk Medina vocals on
the smooth, chilled n creamy AdamK/Soha mix...
again sorry 4 the lack of posts last week guys,
jus couldnt get off the new 1200s ♥
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GettinOverYou (AviciiRemix) -DavidGuetta,Fergie&LMFAO

u already Avicii had to get his BIG house,
piano-fueled sound in wit this star-studded BOMB!!!
n really sorry 4 the lack of posts this week
jus got my first pair of 1200s TTs so u kno ive
been on them day n nite lol :) gained a new
respect 4 anyone who spins on vinyl lol...
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One vs.Leave theWorldBehind (DJ AFX SummerMashup)

oh no the unknown WMC BOMB got some vocals!!!
last summers moster vocal track meets this ones...
beyond D-CUP sized sound, yup were going fake lol
-SwedishHouseMafia ft.DeborahCox
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