One More New Years Anthem (dino Roc Mash-Up) -914 Hit Squad

from the 914 Hit Squad... [me] DINO ROC & DJ CJ!!!
could hav made a killin from this on Crack4Djs but u kno
i would rather giv it away to u guys haha!!!
enjoy, hav fun and hope u all hav a great NEW YEARS!!!
One More New Years Anthem (dino Roc Mash-Up)

Takin' ItOff -Akon&DavidGuetta

exclusive leak here...dont think anyone hasthis yet!!!
soo fresh the title isnt even official yet!!!
n Guetta-Akon didnt disappoint again... sikk trak!!!
Takin' ItOff-Akon&DavidGuetta

GoodTimes -SeamusHaji vs MarkKnight&Funkagenda

mr Haji puts some added dopeness into the
Knight/Funkagenda super bomb... samples the ill
"Dont Go" melody riff... damn feels lik nye already!!!

New York (Tom Middleton Mix) [Laidback Luke Remastered Edit] -Paloma Faith

uplifting BIG house sound that u kno Laidback would
have to hav his name on!!! BOMB here NYC style!!!
def hittin my Top 10!!! btw hope u guys all
had a great XMAS!!! i kno i did... haha
New York (Tom Middleton Mix)
[Laidback Luke Remastered Edit] -Paloma Faith
[no preveiw: zippyshare]

DiscoShh Bootys

got some sik Disco Shh bootys down here,the Nunzi booty
thats been tearin it up lately & my very own booty
thats featured at Crack4Djs... well its about time for a
promo trak soo enjoy guys and hav A Merry X-Mash!!! lol
Disco Shh in the 80s (dino Roc bootleg) -914 Hit Squad
Hey Hey (Nunzi's Disco Booty) -Butch Vs Dennis Ferrer

Love is A War (Denzal Park Dub) -Rogue Traders

"twas the nite bfore xmas and... uh i hav no idea... haha
attempted it to go wit the trak but anyway DEEP DOPE &
BIG rite here... alil pre-xmas eve gift 4 ya... lol
Love is A War (Denzal Park Dub) -Rogue Traders

I'veBeenThinking AboutYou (ChicoDelMar vs TomPalaceRemix)

crisp fresh electro mix of the 90's chart toppa...
kinda spencer & hill -like lol... luv it BOMB!!!

Revolver(PaulVanDyk Mix)

"Mainsteam Monday"... n this bangs pretty hard to be
called mainstream!!! PVD destroyin the trak!!!
and since its XMAS time im givin u my personal short
edit of it... yea i make a edit almost everything thats
on the blog, traks jus have way too long intros and no
sense of mixing 2 min of nothing but beats rite??? lol
Revolver(PaulVanDykMix) [short edit]-Madonnaaa

StereoLove 2010 (DvirHalevi Mix) -EdwardMaya Ft.Alicia

SL finally gets a remix thats major enough 4 it!!!
ahhh those HUGE chilled vocals n feelGood melodic vibe!!!
reminds me of the summer-time and it jus fukin snowed
here in New York, which fukin suxx 4 me :( haha
StereoLove 2010(DvirHaleviMix)-EdwardMaya Ft.Alicia

BetterRun -Tocadisco&NadiaAli

well just not the Tocadisco im used of lol...
but D-Cuped Sized BIG House vocal BOMB anyway!!!
good enough be hittin my Top 10 rite here...

Revolver(OneLove ClubMix) -Madonna&DavidGuetta

lil mainstream but Guetta kills it!!!
yup, notin but BIG dope sounds here...

I'm Your DJ -Digital Affair

mmmmmmm dope "Chuckie-like" mosquito synths!!!
this shit gettin real big rite now...
yup staight up BANGR trak not much vocal needed haha...
I'm Your DJ (Extended Club Mix) -Digital Affair

Remedy (AviciiClubRemix) -LittleBoots

AVICII! as in BOMB! as in BIGGEST trak out rite now!!!
forget BIG house sound... this shit is fukin HUGE!!!
my "go-to" trakk at the moment & #1 on da Top 10...
Avicii stay killin it!!! DESTROYED 2009!!!


if its Inna u kno the vocal's gonna be D-Cuped sized!!!
sikk new remix to "Love" and the New "Hot" trak...
yup dats wat an Vocal Anthem sounds lik!!! BOMBS!!!

Alcoholic(DimitriVegas &LikeMike TwelveStepRemix)

Dim & Mike wit their 12 steps to a BOMB!!!

dope outta control mix, just wat the trak needed...

been nutin but dem BOMBS from Dim & Mike!!!


LoveKeepsCalling -AnnaGraceee

new AnnaGrace wit dat BIG vocal anthem feel!!!
radio def gonna just suk the fresh rite outta this lol

Riverside(WarrenClarke Remix) -SidneySamson

Riverside finally grew some ill vocals!!!
Warren Clarke def doin justice to Sid's BOMB trakk...
and enjoy "a very dino Roc XXX-mas" below... lol

Bomba Latina -DJ Silence

dope ass [literally] latina fueled BOMB rite here!!!
def on my Top 10... makes u just luv latina girls!!!
btw "Descarga" is download in spanish below... lol
Bomba Latina (Original Mix) -DJ Silence

WhoTheHell AreCircle (AndreyZenkoff &DimaKaktus Bootleg)


SweetDisposition (MorganPage VocalMix) -TheTemperTrap

"fukk it Monday" well just cause fuk it... lol
anyway nice chill proggy mix to the big room anthem
of the fukkin year rite here!!! yup SWEET DIS-!!!
Ax n D South makin it famous n MP makin it fresh again!!!

NowYouSeeIt (BennyBenassi Remix) -Honorebel&Pitbull

BANGR!!! BB bak wit the dope hard electro we all luv!!!
nice break wit sikk vox: "c'mon shake dat ass 4 me!!!

NEW Releases!!! [914 Hit Squad]

yup we bak again this week puttin out that 914 heat!!!
got some sikk releases this week includin a new XMas mash...
All Our Releases Available at Crack4Djs.Net/914HitSquad
this weeks NEW releases:
_Move Ur Culo Girl -Pitbull vs Nina Sky
_Last December (X-Mas Banger) -Dj Antoine vs Wham!
_Disco Shh in the 80s -Butch vs Clavin Harris [BOMB]
_Coldplay Replay -Iyaz vs Coldplay
_Shaggy's Episode -Snoop/Dre vs Shaggy
_Show Me Tik Tok Love -Kesha vs Robin S
pLus def check out some of our best sellers:
_Infinity Bounce
_Riverside is the ish
_Go Girl Ininna Tora
_New New Sex & Drugs Discoteka
_I Push the Night
_Ghosts and 3
_Sweet Dreams Written On Her

Devotion(VocalMix) -BingoPlayers Ft.TonyScott

the beatport chart toppa gets killa dope vocals!!!
orig trakk is destroying the clubs rite n i dnt think
anyone has this vocal vers... BOMB!!! BOMB!!! BOMB!!!
btw dosent the sax lik synths hav the exact same melody
as the Axwell remix of "counting down the days" lol
Devotion(ExtendedVocalMix)-BingoPlayers Ft.TonyScott

ShineYourLight (PerQX Remix) -LaidbackLuke &GregorSalto Ft.MavisAcquah

"Get DOPE Thursday"... yup were on name days now lol...
anyway DOPE ass trakk rite rite new LBL sikk vox...
Per XQ wit a deep n dare i say again DOPE sound!!!
ShineYourLight(PerQX Remix)
-LaidbackLuke &GregorSalto Ft.MavisAcquah

LeaveTheWorldUnderPressure (EddieThoneick Bootleg)

2,000,000 vers of LTWB but this time its bearable lol...
wit dat dope Thoneick BIG, D-Cuped sized house sound!!!
dis is wat a big name mash-up sounds lik...
-EddieThoneick vs SwedishHouseMafia

3 Words (SteveAngello Remix) -CherylCole

sikk new sound frm Steve...luv the rock/guitar feel!!!
got some amazin vocals too... BIG track!!!
3 Words(SteveAngelloRemix)-CherylCole