TheUnderground (AbelRamos Remix)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! pLus 400th blog POST!!!
heavy, deep, dark & dope,evrythn u'd expext from Abel...
classic ill vocals, takes me bak lik 5 years ago lol

Dreamer (Avicii DreamOnMix) -Veerus & MaxieDevine

BOMB!!! my boy Avicii doin the shit again!!!
this time killin it wit some dope crunchy electro...
any suprise y this guys lik my fav producer rite now...
Dreamer(Avicii DreamOnMix)-Veerus&MaxieDevine

49Percent (Angello&Ingrosso Remix)

luv this track prob my favs at the moment...
Steve & Sebastian do an amazin job rite here...
feel good wit that rubber band like bassline... BOMB!!!
49Percent(Angello&Ingrosso Remix)-Royksopp

OjosQueNoVen (dino Roc Remix)

sumthin ive been workin on dnt kno wat to

really call it??? spanish-electro maybe??? lol

but its still CRUNCHYY anyway u look at it...

OjosQueNoVen(dino Roc Remix)-Alexis yFido

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Changes -Dirty Vegas

been a while since we heard from Dirty Vegas,
but got some dope new vocal stuff rite here...
+ ATFC killin it wit the remix!!!
Changes (ATFC's Schizophrenic Vocal Remix) -Dirty Vegas
Changes (Original Club Mix) -Dirty Vegas

WatchThe SunComeUp (MoamRemix) -Example

beautiful, melodiac, feel good progressive sound...
sumthin diff from the KurdMaverick mix i usually play...
aint gonna be spinnin it but nice just 2 listen 2...
WatchTheSunComeUp (MoamRemix)-Example

LeaveThe WorldBehind (DimitriVegas & LikeMike Vs. SHM DarkForest Edit)

the 1,000,000 mix of
but def one of the best mixes ive heard...
Dimitri, LikeMike, Swed House Maf bring the Dope!!!
LeaveTheWorldBehind(DimitriVegas&LikeMikeVs.SHM DarkForest)
Axwell,Ingrosso,Angello&LaidbackLukeFeat.Deborah Cox

HeadsWill Roll (A-TrakRemix)

somethin really Fresh soundin from A-Trak here...
he did a really great job wit the mix...
becomin one my fav traxx at the moment rite now...

New New New... [FULL!!!]

FINALLY and couldnt been a minute too sooner...
been lookin everywhere the full avicii mix only been
able to get the rips or edit until now...
for those who dnt already kno the Avicii mix is
straight up BOMB lik NUCLEAR!!! def one of the biggest
tracks of the year!!! thrown in the Kaeser mix too...
NewNewNew(AviciiRemix)[FULL] -BobSinclar

ToPlay UsOut

sikk sht from da Mau55, samples "wat the fuk"...
pLus go lik 3:24 in lol... just the HQ RIP...
ToPlayUsOut-DDeadmau55 [HQ RIP]

GetUHome (PartyRockRemix)

LMFAOOO roc da beat N roc da show!!!
kinda not my style or maybe its is??? idk lol
but the mix... FIRE!!! enjoy...

FunkPhenomena (Starkillers2009 Remix)

deep, dark, subliminal & industrial beat...
afterhours all the way... soo Pacha...

TouchMe (InTheMorning) (Avicii'sMassive Mix)

re-up of the classic vocal anthem...
Avicii sure was rite namin the mix "Massive"!!!
track is HUGE and Avicii does it yet again...
does this guys ever let up lol... notin but FIRE!!!
TouchMe(InTheMorning)(Avicii'sMassive Mix)

SunShineDown (ChrisMoody Mix)

D-cuped sized, BIG house vocal BOMB!!!
beyond dope, straight up fukin bangR rite here...
def Top 10... luv that key-like synth used too...
SunShineDown(ChrisMoodyMix)-DiscoWheels Ft.MightyMarvin

A LittleRespect 2010 (Wayne G & Gurdy ClubMix) -Erasure

an '89 Erasure original gets a Fresh re-up...
BIG, vocal, 80's-ish electro...lil mainstream but wateva
still dope... actually cant stop listenin to it lol
A LittleRespect 2010 (Wayne G & Gurdy ClubMix)-Erasure

InTheDark 2009 (DirtySouth Remix)

Dirty South's remix of Tiesto's summer 'o7 anthem gets
a brand new new 2009 BIG house style rework!!! BOMB!!!

GhostsNStuff (VocalMix)

couldnt be more perr timing wit my fav day of the
year [Halloween] weeks away... this is the new vocal
mix witRobSwire btw [full HQ] as always...
so enjoy bangin this shit out on the 31st!!!:)

PursuitOfHappiness (BennyBenassi Remix) -KidCudi

new new dope vox from Cudi... combined wit
Benassi's banger fueled "rock-like"crunchy electro!!!
yup feel safe enough 2 say: BOMB!!!

Perfect (RalphiRosario & JodyDenBroeder Mix) -DepecheMode

new DepecheMode gettin some hard and heavy
electro work from Ralphi and Jody...
not 2 ment the standard ill DP HUGE vocals...


BIG house vocal sound w/ a sikk sax synth!!!
radio no doubt be tearin this up relentless,
so dnt worry it'll be played out soon... lol

Alcoholic (Avicii Edit)

deep, dope and subliminal...
ill vocal rite here "Im a fukin alcoholic"
not 2 mention my boy Avicii killin it again!!!
Alcoholic (Avicii Edit) -Tim Berg

BrokenHearted Girl



NowThat We FoundLove 2010

2010 so u kno its FRESHHH!!!
BIG HOUSE sound D-cuped style!!! bangR!!!
NowThatWeFoundLove 2010 (BigRoomMix)
-SunloverzVs HeavyD & TheBoyz

I'm In TheHouse

dope beyond beleif!!! lil hiphop electro...
anthem style..."Im in the Mutha Fukin House!!!"
I'mInTheHouse(DirtyVers.)-SteveAoki ft.ZuperBlahq

Electrica Salsa

What The Fuck 2010 (ThomasGold Mix)

BIG dope and subliminal...
Gold bangin the shit out wtf!!! bangr!!!
What The Fuck 2010 (ThomasGold Mix)
-FatboySlim vs Funkagenda

Funkatron (MaurizioGubellini Mix)

dat crispy RobbieRivera "juicy" style...
drops from lil dope reggae 2 some crunchy electro...
def feelin this might even invade my Top 10...
Funkatron(MaurizioGubellini Mix)
-RobbieRivera vs. CriticalRhythm

PerfectMoment (FrancescoDiaz Mix)

HUGE!!! amazin vocals...
and the smooth mix from Fracesco here makes them that
much more feel good n chill... been playin the
AlbinMyers & JonasSellberg mix lately but Diaz here
really brings the real feel good vibe of the track!!!
-EddieThoneick, FrancescoDiaz, YoungRebels


again...again...and again...
Avicii just doesnt stop bangin out quality shit!!!
just been BOMBS!!! BOMBS!!! BOMBS and nothin but!!!

I WantYou (MaurizioGubellini Remix)

HUGE-dope sound from Maurizio Gubellini...
ahh def a BIG house BOMB rite here!!!
not to mention the D-Cuped sized vox too!!! lol
IWantYou (MaurizioGubelliniRemix)-Spencer&Hill

SexyBitch Remix [Feat.Francisco]

if the track couldnt get anymore "mainstream"...
it just did now wit more new pop vox...
prob not gonna spin it myself... def cant touch the
chuckie mix... which was HUGE this summer...
SexyBitchRemix [Feat.Francisco]

All TheWay - AustinLeeds & Starkillers

BIG house sound... HUGE vocals...
Leeds n da killers pull off yet another BOMB!!!
gotta lil chilled-like vibe to it too...
All TheWay(OriginalMix)-AustinLeeds & Starkillers

Perfect Moment

HUGE vocal BOMB rite here!!! soo chill and feel good!!!
cant stress enough how sik the vocals r...
Albin n Jonas bringin out the dope here too wit da mix...
def hittin the ranks on my Top 10... PerfectMoment(AlbinMyers&JonasSellbergRemix)
-YoungRebels, EddieThoneick, FrancescoDiaz

Rythmn Is A Dancer (ArmandVanHelden Remix)

ill grimy, dirty, straight discussting mosquito-like
synth sounds used here by Armand... SICK!!!
AVH seems like a cool guy though, never met him,
but hes got a good philosphy on music, life n evrythng...
Rythmn Is A Dancer (ArmandVanHelden Remix)