Can't Get Into The Night (ImanoS, George Monev & Nunzi Bootleg)

got this lil BOMB in the mail...
sick lil booty/mash wit the classic Soulsearcher acap...
u kno any bootleg comin from ImanoS is gonna be sick,
remem how dope "We Are Kidsos" was this summer!!!
Can't Get Into The Night (ImanoS, George Monev & Nunzi Bootleg)
-Soulsearcher Vs. Young Rebels, Francesco Diaz

BadHabits (Karmatronic ClubMix)

dope dope remix from Karmatronic... mainstream but dope!!!
dont kno why but the whole thing just kinda reminds me of
this years "Return of the Mack"S&H mix... bomb btw
but still becomin very impressed by Karmatronic lately...
BadHabits (KarmatronicClubMix)-Maxwell

ShowMe DiscoElectrique (dino Roc Mash-Up)

new mash i just finished... did 2 versions...
one wit "Come On" in the intro, luv usin the
"Come On" acap...vocals r soo fukin sik!!!
anyway here's both...
ShowMe DiscoElectrique [Come On Intro] (dino Roc Mash-Up)
-BingoPlayers vs ChocolatePuma vs SteveAngello vs DBN
ShowMe DiscoElectrique (dino Roc Mash-Up)
-BingoPlayers vs ChocolatePuma vs SteveAngello vs DBN

Be Sex and Drugs

Sex and Drugs track is already soo sik but the KG mash
here makes it nuclear... follows the same formula of the
"Be Satisfaction" mashed by the Swed House Mafia...
sik and vocals n the reminiscentof the Benassi "Sfaction"
style mix def makes 4 a quick BOMB!!!
BeSexAndDrugs (KG's Bootleg)
-HyperCrush vs BennyBenassi vs SwedishHouseMafia

Stay (AbelRamos ParisWithLove Mix)

a Guetta classic re-BOMBed wit the dark, deep and
da beyond ridiculously dope sounds of Abel Ramos!!!


doesnt get more mainstream than
sik mix from Dave here... especially if tired of spinnin
the CalvinHarris mix, which btw was an absolute BOMB
this past summer!!! plus dont forget the track
features dat douche Kayne... lol

SelfControl (MichaMoor & TimRoyko Remix)

BIG house sound... sounds lil lik Sweet Dreams...
got some nice vocals too...u could say its bomb-like...
SelfControl(MichaMoor & TimRoyko Remix)

I Need YouNow

BOMB!!! BIG house sound!!! HUGE vocals!!!
Guetta & LBL throw down a vocal bangR 2gether...
wouldnt expect anything less from da team rite here...
-DavidGuetta & LaidbackLuke Ft.SamanthaJade


amazin track from the guy under the evil mau5 ears lol...
soo chilled and feel good... bit of a long one 10+ min...
so just chill, relax, and enjoy another

BeautifulWorld (DeepsideDeejays Remix)

beautiful, chill & sik wit HUGE vocals...
Deepside D's bringin out more BIG quality sound!!!
goin from the chill melodiac to dope BIG house...

ATTN: Whore

really sik vocals... crunchy electro from Zya...
n pretty interestin mix from...umm... Mr. Wonk??? lol
Wonk bassline sounds alot sim to the Mau5's & plus
he wears a mask too lol... go figure...

SweetDreams (NickCorline Remix)

BOMB!!! deep, beyond dope, & fukin heavy!!!
Nick bangs out the shit outta the Eurhythmics!!!
and dont forget that sick Ininna Tora mix he did...
which sounds a lil similar but still sick anyways...

GetYour GrooveOn (DimitriVegas & LikeMike Mix)

Yup u seen rite... thats Snoop D-O- DOUBLE G...
first time on this site lol... anyway sumthin new,
fresh, & plenty dope and worth the DL...
likin alot of the Vegas/Like Mike stuff lately...

LBL's Gotta Feelin

soo feel good... kno mad ppl lookin for the LBL mix...
well stop lookin lol... full 320 no rips...
dont kno whether to play this or

New New New

BOMB!!! Avicii Mix gonna be fukin nuclear!!!
Avicii's BIG house sound wit jus plain sick vocals!!!
cant wait for the full release but here's the HQ rip
and orig mix for now... cant wait!!!
NewNewNew(AviciiRemix)[Rip] -Bob Sinclar
NewNewNew(ClubMix) -Bob Sinclar

Slide (PaolaPeroni Remix)

this song just got better just by this remix alone...
Paola starts out wit a feel good build that
then drops into the ill dopeness!!!
Slide(PaolaPeroniRemix) -FunkermanFt.MitchCrown

LoveYouNoMore (Pink IsPunkRemix) -BobSinclar Ft.ShabbaRanks

sick & crunchy remix to prob one of the biggest

bombs this summer... no where near the Chuckie mix

but pretty fukin crisp... plus is that super mario

bros. sound samples i hear in there too??? lol

LoveYouNoMore (Pink IsPunkRemix)

-BobSinclar Ft.ShabbaRanks

Rotterdam Of Otherside (Ranucci & Pelusi Mash Up)

sick mash rite by Ranucci & Pelusi... luv otherside...
and over an AbelRamos mix so u kno its deep & dope!!!
Rotterdam Of Otherside (Ranucci & Pelusi Mash Up)
-RedHotChiliPeppers Vs AbelRamos & MissMelody

SOS(LetTheMusicPlay) (KarmatronicClubMix)

yea i kno wat ur thinkin,JordinSparks???
i kno way mainstream but doesnt stop the fact
Karmatronic did a beyond dope job wit the mix...
mainstream revivin an'83 Shannon vocal classic...
SOS(LetTheMusicPlay) (KarmatronicClubMix)

It'sYourLife -DavidGuetta &Tocadisco Ft.ChrisWillis

HUGE, D-cuped sized sound & vocals...
heavy sick beat n big house noize!!! bangR!!!
-DavidGuetta&Tocadisco Ft.ChrisWillis

KingOfMyCastle 2009 (NicolaFasano and SteveForest Mix)

feel good, chill & uplifting vibe...
NicolaFasano and SteveForest deff a great duo,
this is prob the first remix by Nicola that i couldnt
reconize by just the first beat, finally sumthin diff
from the sig "75 St.brazil" style shit... lol jk
KingOfMyCastle2009 (NicolaFasano andSteveForestMix)

Holiday (LaidbackLuke's RaveIt UpRemix) -DizzieeRascal & CalvinHarris

Holiday(LaidbackLuke's RaveItUpRemix)
-DizzieeRascal & CalvinHarris

SoundOf Violence (Deadmau5Remix)

oh yea classic vocal anthem re-upped by Mau5...
"I feel lik i wanna be inside of u...
when the sun goes down"!!! bangR!!!
SoundOfViolence (Deadmau5Remix) -Cassius

WatchTheSunComeUp (KurdMaverick Remix)

feel good & uplifting, BIG house sound...
the mix reminds me alot of the Axwell/DirtySouth mix of
"Sweet Dispostion" by that being said u kno we
got a bomb-like quality bangR rite here!!!
WatchTheSunComeUp (KurdMaverickRemix) -Example

Rhythm Is A Dancer (MobinMaster Mix)

one of the best mixes of the old school Snap track...
got some BIG house sound brought by Mobin...
Rhythm Is A Dancer (MobinMaster Mix) -Snap

ReleaseMe (FilipeGuerra Remix) -Agnes

BIG vocals wit some dope tribal-lik stuff from Filipe
Guerra... who kinda sounds kinda lik a darker, much doper
vers of the Tony Moran/Edison Pride type shit...
ReleaseMe (FilipeGuerra Remix) -Agnes

ShinyDiscoBalls 2009 (TheSpanishFly Remix)

yea this deff be a BOMB!!! sick re-up to the classic...
heard Swedish House Mafia guys & Dirty South were
bangin this shit out!!! so fukin dope, even Top 10
worthy!!! bangR bangR bangR!!!
ShinyDiscoBalls2009 (TheSpanishFlyRemix)

Cant Go On (DeanNewton Remix) -Alkatraz & JenniferHershman

feel good chill progressive vocal track...
nice long bedroom track long if ya kno wat i
Cant Go On (DeanNewton Remix)
-Alkatraz & JenniferHershman

Jump (ChocolatePuma Mix)

proves no matter wat Chocolate Puma could make
any track seem dope...Puma just killin it rite now!!!
Jump(ChocolatePuma FullVocal Mix)

LoveUnderPressure (EddieThoneickRemix)

luv dat Thoneick BIG house sound!!!
which is beyond fukin dope not to mention!!!
sick vocals as well... enjoy ur LDW guys!!!
LoveUnderPressure (EddieThoneickRemix)
-EddieThoneick Ft.AndyP

TheSound Of MissingYou

huge vocals!!! very mainstream...
sick heavy mix from Dave, again here usin a diff
style from himself... yup, vocal anthem rite here...
TheSoundOfMissingYou (DaveRamone

NewYork SummerRain (Dani LMebius ShortMix) -JamieWestland

shit is acidic!!!

dope and pretty heavy wit some ill vox thrown in...

in from new york so u kno this shit will deff

bang in the clubs round here...

NewYork SummerRain (Dani LMebius ShortMix)


FeelingsGone (JoachimGuarraudRemix) -BasementJaxx

fukin amazin track... soo feel good & chill vocals...
then gets dat Guarraud french dope-ness...
my fav rite now n may just climb its way to to
the top of my Top 10... bangR!!!
FeelingsGone (JoachimGuarraudRemix)