Kidsos(DBNRemix) -SebastianIngrosso

nutin left to say just an amazin melodic track,
n DBN makin it even more highly NUCLEAR!!! bangR!!!
Kidsos(DBNRemix) -SebastianIngrosso

At My Best

HUGE D-Cuped sized vocals from RobinS!!!
got dat sig "show me luv" stab synth sound...
again sorry 4 the lack of posts lately guys...
AtMyBest (OriginalMix) -RobinS,CoreyGibbons

PraiseYou (DimitriVegas & LikeMike 2 DirtyTool)

prob the sickest mix of Praise You ive heard...
dope breakdown and hard drop!!!
sorry guys 4 the lack of posts lately too...
PraiseYou (DimitriVegas & LikeMike 2 DirtyTool)
-DimitriVegas & LikeMike VS FatboySlim

IninnaTora (NickCorlineRemix) -StylusRobb

Ininna Tora... e Tora Tora Tora...
lil late summer anthem!!! kinda old...
deff a BOMB!!! shit is nuclear!!!
dont kno y but cant stop singin the vocals lol...
wonder wat they mean???
IninnaTora (NickCorlineRemix) -StylusRobb

LetMe BeReal (Remixes)

two dope ass mixes to new Fedde release...
Funkerman wit ill deep mix and Fedde himself
wit his own sick dub!!! dont kno which i prefer...
LetMeBeReal (FunkermanRemix)
-FeddeLeGrand Ft.MitchCrown
LetMeBeReal (F.L.G.DubVox)
-FeddeLeGrand Ft.MitchCrown

In The Sujo (CashWalkerz Mash-Up) -AustinLeeds Feat.Avicii Vs.Bassjackers

sick lil mash up... reminds me why i luv the
Avicii mix of In The Air...damn Avicii is soo ill!!!
mix after mix he just continues to kill it!!!
In The Sujo (CashWalkerz Mash-Up)
-AustinLeeds Feat.Avicii Vs.Bassjackers

Memories -DavidGuettaFt.KidCudi

crazy dope track...straight off the new Guetta album...
only thing is, while already workin a number
of american artists, Akon, Will I.Am, & now Cudi,
question is, who's next miley cirus??? lol nah JK...
seriously though its just been continuous sick shit
from the new album!!! big up Sparty Tunes 4 the track!!!
Memories -DavidGuettaFt.KidCudi

LetTheMusicPlay 2009 (ChrisCox And TrentCantrelle Remix)

re-up of the freestyle vocal anthem...
Chris Cox And Trent Cantrelle deff doin it the
justice wit a sick ass mix rite here...
1989 or 2009 this shits still bangiN!!!
LetTheMusicPlay 2009 (ChrisCox And
TrentCantrelle Remix) -Shannon

SetMeFree (AviciiRemix)

prob one of the sickest tracks out now!!!
heard that tiesto was playin this...
dope BIG house sound provided by Avicii,
must he just destroy everything he touches!!!
SetMeFree(AviciiRemix) -Phonat

Let Me Be Real

new shit from Fedde...
nice vocals, sick electro sound...
all the quality u would expect from FLG!!!

IGottaFeeling (dino Roc Remix) -BlackEyedPeas

finally decided to finish it...actually strated this
in June!!! pretty much new style for me i think...
i would have to say myself, its pretty fukin heavy!!!
but anyway enjoy...cant wait to play it... lol
IGottaFeeling (dino Roc Remix) -BlackEyedPeas

Silence Of Insanity

bangR!!! bangR!!! bangR!!!
D-cuped sized sound dats fukin ridiculously HEAVY!!!
only thing is,maybe its me,but are'nt the vocals kinda
outta sync???shit is a BOMB it doesnt even matter anyway!!!
SilenceOf Insanity(D-sideVocalEdit)
-Nari&Milani Ft.SarahMclachlan

Love -TheCubeGuys

BOMB!!! Cube Guys makin it beyond fukin dope!!!
find myself playin alot of the thier stuff latley...
always just quality shit from the Cubes...
deff fav track rite now...vocal bangR!!!
Love(TheCubeGuys VocalMix) -TheCubeGuys

StayForNow -SourGrapes

HuGE BIG ass vocals!!!
sick ass mix from Sandro featurin deep basslines
n a feel good melodic vibe... not to mention
the dope-ness brought by Chris Lake...
cant decide which i like better...
StayForNow(SandroMonteRemix) -SourGrapes
StayForNow(ChrisLakeRemix) -SourGrapes

Pyramid Is Now (Bubba Mashup Mix) -DirtySouth, Ingrosso, DavidGuetta vs. JohnDahlback

perr mash/bootie rite here...Pyramid just fits in
perfect wit all star dream team's super bomb!!!
Pyramid Is Now (Bubba Mashup Mix) -DirtySouth,
SebastianIngrosso,DavidGuetta vs. JohnDahlback

Fired Up (ZooBrazilMix) -DenisTheMenace & BigWorld

Zoo Brazil puttin out some HUGE sound wit
a dope ass mix of Fired Up!!!
yup, got them D-cup sized VOCALS too!!!
Fired Up (ZooBrazilMix) -DenisTheMenace & BigWorld

I WillFollow -BingoPlayers

the B Players just stay keepin it fresh!!!
BIG house sound N chill feel good vox...
deff feelin this shit rite now...
I WillFollow(OriginalClubMix) -BingoPlayers

I WannaGoCrazy -DavidGuetta ft.Will I.Am

crazy ill vocals N crunchy electro!!!
more dope shit from the new Guetta album...
I WannaGoCrazy(RadioEdit) -DavidGuetta ft.Will I.Am


BIG-ROOM BOMB track by the dream team of
Dirty South, Ingrosso, & Guetta!!!
been waitin 4 the full release for a while now...
ahh, no more rips or radio edits...

Freedom (Extended) -Dj Andi Ft. Stella

those ill amazin chill feel good vocals!!!
posted the radio edit a while bak...
finally found an extended mix to it...
Freedom (Original Extended) -Dj Andi Ft. Stella


mixes rangin from pretty mainstream 2 pretty dope...
club n vocal mixes got dat ill Carey bassline
N some deep heavy shit from the Good Guys!!!
S.O.S.(GoodGuysRemix) -IanCarey
S.O.S.(VocalMix) -IanCarey
S.O.S.(ClubMix) -IanCarey

SexyBitch (Chuckie&LilJonRemix)

Chuckie goin dope n beyond wit the mix...
n got Lil Jon just screamin random shit???
but anyway just totally luvin Chuck's style rite now...
it's deff been a great summer 4 him!!!

GirlVs.Boy (NickGaleaRemix) -JonoFernandez ft.TimWatson

sick little bangR rite here...
crisp N crunchy electro feel wit sum ill vox!!!
GirlVs.Boy (NickGaleaRemix)
-JonoFernandez ft.TimWatson

Rise(VoodooAndSerano & PlastikFunkMix)

beyond dope mix!!!
got some ill vocals hidden somewhere in there 2...
gotta love that mosquito sound!!! bangR

You and I

chill + feel good w/ sick vocals...
looks lik Mau5 is bak to the old synthy stuff
as only he could do as well...
You And I (Deadmau5Mix)-Medina

Love You No More (DJ Chuckie Remix) -Bob Sinclar Ft. Shabba Ranks

BOMB track rite here... sick reggae vibe + vocals...
n Chuckie not disappointing wit a beyond dope mix...
mad people tellin me about this track n totally my
fault 4 dismissing it... shit is a bangR!!!!
Love You No More (DJ Chuckie Remix)
-Bob Sinclar Ft. Shabba Ranks

Don'tBe aDouchebag! -JumpSmokers

man im totally a douche!!! lol
notin but fresh shit from the J Smokers so far...
video is fukin funny 2...deff check it out below...
Don'tBe aDouchebag!(ExtraDoucheyExtendedMix)

GettinOver -DavidGuettaFt.ChrisWillis

new shit from the familiar Guetta/Willis team...
got some big vox n crunchy electro...
not the next Love is Gone but pretty sick anyway...
GettinOver(radio edit) -DavidGuettaFt.ChrisWillis


sounds a lil like "Speed Up"...
track just kinda grew on me especially after
hearin the dope ass mix from Mastiksoul!!!
Slide (MastiksoulRemix)-Funkerman
Slide (OriginalExtended)-Funkerman

OnTheRun (Ralvero Get Down Remix) -De Bos

BOMB!!! got those dope ass mosquito noizes...
theres a youtube vid of Axwell just bangin the
shit outta this track!!! bangR!!!
OnTheRun (Ralvero Get Down Remix) -De Bos