Music Around The World (Avicii - Mijangos Rework) -Austin Leeds & Nick Terranova vs. DaftPunk

the dope techy Avicii mix get the Mijangos re-up...
givin it that extra freshness with the rework!!!
features the Daft Punk "Around the World" vox...
i was already feelin the Avicii mix but
this deff puts it over for me!!!
Music Around The World (Avicii - Mijangos Rework)
-Austin Leeds & Nick Terranova vs. DaftPunk

Under The Water (6 A.M. Terrace Mix) -Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

amazin chill angelic vocal BOMB!!!
smooth vox along wit the perr hint of dopeness...
we got a summer poolside anthem...
Under The Water (6 A.M. Terrace Mix)
-Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Ghosts'N'Stuff -Deadmau5ft.RobSwire

finally some sick vocals to go wit that
unmistakably hauntin instrumental!!!
cant wait 2 do an edit wit this n the intro vers...
Ghosts'N'Stuff -Deadmau5ft.RobSwire

I Will Be Here -Tiesto & SneakySoundSystem

as Wolfgang goes smooth... Laidback just straight up
bangin the shit out the new Tiesto/SSS release!!!
bak to the old, but dope, LBL style that we all
come 2 luv!!! bangR
I Will Be Here (Laidback Luke Remix)
-Tiesto & SneakySoundSystem
I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
-Tiesto & SneakySoundSystem

Fuck Work (Michael Meds Remix) -CubicZirconia

deep, dope & subliminal...
ahh... the sound of afterhours!!!
got some ill drowsy vocals too...
Fuck Work (Michael Meds Remix) -CubicZirconia

AtTheEdgeOfThisMountain -Mango&AquaDiva

crazy chill, kaskade-like vocals!!!
n combine wit the dopeness in the Dankann mix,
deff makes for ill summer vocal anthem!!!
could only find an edit of the full original :(
AtTheEdgeOfThisMountain(short Edit)

Tell Me What You Want (DJ Kue Master Blaster Remix) -Zebra

Krisp & Krunchy electro rock from Kue!!!
re-upin some '80s rock from Zebra...
Tell Me What You Want (DJ Kue Master Blaster Remix)

Brand New Day -Filipe Guerra Ft. Lorena Simpson

very mainstream but got some BIG sick vocals!!!
got that Tony Moran/Ralphi Rosario style...
good thing or bad thing? cant decide... lol
Brand New Day (Extended Mix)
-Filipe Guerra Ft. Lorena Simpson

Shed My Skin (Prok & Fitch Mix) -Housequake Ft. Anita Kelsey

deep, dope, subliminal & sexy with HUGE vocals!!!
Prok & Fitch bringin notin but quality as usual...
new life for the original 2001 D-Note track...
Shed My Skin (Prok & Fitch Vocal Mix)
-Housequake Ft. Anita Kelsey

Eurhythmic Disposition (Eddie Thoneick Bootleg)

Eddie Thoneick wit a sick mash-up/booty...

of course anything wit the Axwell/Dirty South mix of

Sweet Disposition is gonna be nothin but fukin dope!!!

Eurhythmic Disposition (Eddie Thoneick Bootleg)

-TemperTraps vs. Eurhythmics

Butterfly (Laywell Remix) -Christian Sims Ft. Willy Diamond

sick lil grimey electro mix of Butterfly...

use the original melody of "Show Me Love"

which just never gets stale!!!

Butterfly (Laywell Remix)

-Christian Sims Ft. Willy Diamond

Let it go Insomnia (Swedish House Mafia Bootleg)

a Swedish House Mafia mash-terpiece rite
here that's fukin beyond dope!!!!
cant wait to bang this one out...
Let it go Insomnia (Swedish House Mafia Bootleg)


the newest shit from Guetta & Akon...
track's deff gonna be a BOMB!!!
big up to Robson Michel for this extended vers...
SexyBitch (extended) -DavidGuetta&Akon

Take Me With You (Adam K Club Mix) -Serge Devant

typical Adam K/Soha-like mix...but, as u all
would kno, thats not a bad thing at
got that sick, chill, soul satisfying melodic vibe
we've all come to crave from an Adam K mix!!!
Take Me With You (Adam K Club Mix) -Serge Devant

LoveGame (ChewfuGhettoHouseRemix) -LadyGaGa Feat.MarilynManson

Lady Gaga & Marilyn Manson??? WTF???
anyway looks as if Chew fu Ghetto House
may hav possibly won the remix war wit some
sick ass, crisp & crunchy electro...
LoveGame (ChewfuGhettoHouseRemix)
-LadyGaGa Feat.MarilynManson

We Are Kidsos (ImanoS Bootleg) -Dirty South Vs. Sebastian Ingrosso

from my inbox to ur ears... sent to me by ImanoS...
beyond dope mash-up here, "We Are" vocal go perr
wit the "Kidsos" melody...totally gonna bebangin
this one out all summer... BIG UP ImanoS!!!
We Are Kidsos (ImanoS Bootleg)
-Dirty South Vs. Sebastian Ingrosso

Shed My Skin -Housequake Ft Anita Kelsey

BIG house sound!!! HUGE vocals!!!
yup, nothin small time bout this vocal bangR at all...
actually a remake of a 2001 D-Note release...
Shed My Skin (club mix) -Housequake Ft Anita Kelsey

Thriller (David Jones Mix) -Aqua Diva

lite, subliminal & dope mix to Thriller...
wasnt really a fan of MJ before the death,
but cant help likin some of the sick mixes that
have been comin out recently... RIP MJ
Thriller (David Jones Mix) -Aqua Diva

Melo -Pryda

u kno anything Eric Prydz produces under the Pryda
name's gonna be one of the most illest, chillest
& beautifully melodic tunes ur gonna hear...
Melo (Original Mix) -Pryda

SweetDreams (DaveSpoonVocal Mix)

havent heard alot from Dave in a while...

been missin those Spoon remixes!!! lol

bak in that sick unique style of his...

SweetDreams (DaveSpoonVocal Mix)-bBeyonce

TakeMe Down ToTheWater (The Cube Guys Remix)

The Cube Guys just killin it rite here wit a
beyond doper than dope mix of the summer bangR!!!
gotta be my fav track rite now...
TakeMeDownToTheWater (TheCubeGuysRemix)
-AlexGaudino & SteveEdwards

Dont Let Me Down (Tonik Mix) -Eddie Thoneick

sick uplifting vocals n a serious dope ass
beat that drops soo fukin heavily...
Dont Let Me Down (Tonik Mix) -Eddie Thoneick

Behind (EDX Re-Dub) -ATB pres. Flanders

ahh memories of bangin this out last summer...
now Behind gets dubbed for summer 09...
Behind (EDX Re-Dub) -ATB pres. Flanders

Love (Play & Win Club Mix) -Inna

beyond sickk vox + chilled vibe...
sounds lik we got a lil voc anthem rite here...
Love (Play & Win Club Mix) -Inna

MyFlow So Tight (Anti Breezy) -JumpSmokers

sick vocals..."my flow so tight n the beat so sick,
Chris Brown should get his ass kicked"... lol
MyFlow SoTight (Anti Breezy) -JumpSmokers


damnnn...i just realized Gaga's pretty bangin!!!
big house sound from Edison Pride n fresh crisp
electro brought 2 u by Mixin Marc & LMFAO...
LoveGame (EdsonPrideBigRoomMix) -LadyGaga
LoveGame (MixinMarcVsLMFAOPartyRockRemix)

Dont Trust Me

both mixes got that ill, crunchy, grime...
deff likin the Mixin Marc & Tony Svejda sound...
DontTrustMe (MixinMarc&TonySvejdaRemix)
DontTrustMe (KyleBourke&JustinSaneRemix)

Bass Kick in Miami (Inphinity's WMC Mix)

oh man i remember Axwell rippin this
at Juicy beach @ WMC... fukin sick!!!
Bass Kick in Miami (Inphinity's WMC Mix)


anything's gonna b fresh when LMFAO gets involved...
crunchy electro n some sick vox by Kanye!!!

Gypsy Woman (Tristan Garner 2009 Remix) -Crystal Waters

TG givin some fresh new life to a classic anthem...
Gypsy Woman (Tristan Garner 2009 Remix)
-Crystal Waters

BirthdaySex (ChrisKaeserRemix)

smooth vocals wit a supa dope mix from Chris...
BirthdaySex (ChrisKaeserRemix)-Jeremih

SweetDisposition (Axwell&DirtySouthRemix) -TemperTraps

shit is NUCLEAR rite here... sick BIG house sound from
non other than the dream team of Axwell & Dirty South...
guess wats #1 on my top 10...
SweetDisposition (Axwell&DirtySouthRemix)

WhenLoveTakesOver (NickyRomeroBootleg) -DavidGuettaFt.KellyRowland

dope lil booty here...
plus Nicky's mix aint that bad either... lol
WhenLoveTakesOver (NickyRomeroBootleg)
webcam to gif